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SLOT Terminologies

There are some terminologies that the players need to understand and consider when playing slot machines.

  • Girl using her dictionary to understand all the expressions that are used in slots.Bonus – One of the most important and favorite terms of any players that is actually a special attribute of any specific game format that would be triggered every time a particular bonus image pop out on the screen after the spin.
  • Action – is the totality of all the money that has been bet by a particular player or the sum of all amounts bet by a group of players in a period of time.
  • Candle - A radiance brightness usually positioned above every each of the machines. This was used by a player whenever needed. It blazes to get the attention of the operator, meaning, an innovation for the machine would be a necessity or assistance is required from the operators because an issue must be answered.
  • Arm – the part of the machine that would trigger the reel spinning after pulling. Also known as “steering wheel” which is seen on the corner of the machine that would be used for playing.
  • Carousel – is another term for a group or even a couple of machineries to play slots game frequently in a sphere or elliptical structure.
  • Bank – slot machines’ lineup for video gaming.
  • Coin hopper – this is the dispenser of the pennies which were instantly on hand from winnings. When a definite predetermined aptitudes of coins would be achieved, there would be an automatic device to divert the coins redirecting them or dropping them into a designated dispenser.
  • Bankroll – the entirety betting cash price of anyone who would play online slots.
  • Credit Meter - an illustration where a player can see the remaining credit of his account that can be used to play the game. This is presented through a small display of amount on the monitor. Virtual slot machine also has this feature on a more creative and artistic presentation depending on what theme the machine is being presented. This feature of display should correspond with the visual graphics of the slot game theme.
  • Certified – meaning, a slot machine should be tested and approved by the establishment’s controllers and obviously confirmed for warranty with a particular partial proportion for anyone who plays.
  • Drop Bucket or Drop Box – Bucket or box alike dispenser positioned in a base of slot machine where overloaded coins are abstracted. Characteristically, small value of coins are automatically dropped into a drop bucket while a drop box is used for high denomination slot machines.
  • EGM - means "Electronic Gaming Machine."
  • Coin-In – an expression used to identify the sum of the cash or credits put up to bet made by the gamer in playing this kind of online game. The computation of the so called coin ins is usually done during the distribution of complimentary give away.
  • Hand Pay – it means, an attendant would do the payout and not the machinery that the slot games are used. It happens every time the allotted amount designed for the machines is not enough compared to the winning prize of the player. Practically, the highest winning prize would be calculated after the deductions of the commissioned tax. This process of payment is also possible and should be compulsory when the winning is just very small that is resulted from the game.
  • Cold – is the term used to distinguish if the machines for slot games have no capabilities of giving all the necessary pay outs. This slot machine is sometimes called “the tight slot machine”.
  • MEAL Book – this is the log book of any necessary data regarding the game the employee assigned to do the task. Also known as Machine Entry Authorization Log.
  • Comps – meaning, a free give away or stuff such as extra gambling rights for the player to access more games without spending extra definite quantity of their money to any gambling enterprise. Complimentary might comprise of meals or lunch or dinner without pay, free entrance accessing any entertainment programs, price cut cards for any accommodations, markdown prizes in joining any games on the casino and a privilege price cut-off to any procurements.
  • Low Level or Slant Top – this is a slot machine that includes an executive chair allotted for the one who will going to play the game n a sit down position.
  • Stand Up or Upright – players are playing upright when they play in standing position.
  • Optimal Play – would be the paying back proportion that depends on the player who used an optimal expertise on the machines which is actually a machine that is based on skill.
  • Fruit Machine – it is England’s name for slot machines.
  • Rollup - a procedure of reenacting or presenting the winner the prize that has been acquired by a player through an enticing audio.
  • Short Pay – meaning, not the whole prize has been awarded to the winner because of either the slot machine has been unfortunately short deposited or the machine’s money has already been won by another player earlier the game. Any money left unpaid acquired by anyone who played would be cashed out through a hand pay but sometimes the operator would just put some credit money again refilling the machineries.
  • Ghost – a result of any spin acquired nothing because the outcome is imageless and blank, meaning the reel has nothing..
  • Hit Frequency – the percentage of the slot machines’ payout within a period of time.
  • Taste - is an indication of supporting the players by paying them little cash just to be retained on the game although the one who plays is already in shortage of the amount to bet. This is very seldom happening, sometimes, this is just done because no players are available to replaced on the site or the machines are already gaining so much from that player.
  • Hot Slot – means a slot machine that never skips on paying out the players. It is sometimes called “the loose slot machine”.
  • House – means casino. House’ Italian word is casino.
  • One-Armed Bandit – it is the historical name of slot machine.
  • Token – an alternative representation form of money. It also replaces cash or ticket to be able to trigger the spinning reels. It is used to play “tokenized slot machines”.
  • Reels – any images spinning on the display monitor is called reel. These are represented mostly by letters and numbers.
  • Payout – the quantity or amount of money that the machine had been paying out to the person who plays the game; it is usually computed by fractions.
  • Pay Line – any combination of lined arranged as per the pay table. This is usually an arrangement of the images when the reels stop spinning that should be rewarded by a prize.
  • Multiple Coins – if the machineries require not only a single coin to play but a lot of coins, the slot machine is called multiple coin slot machines.

There are also terminologies that only an operator could understand because those are the terms they are using inside their office while operating or administering the game. The terminologies vary on their definitions depending on the operator of the slot machine casino. Sometimes, there are names and meanings that only applicable to a certain casino that is never heard on the others. The above terms and definitions are the most common names to most of the slot machines casino. But no matter what the meaning of the word is, no matter how it differs to each of the casino, slot machine has very common rules and regulations that the players should always bear in mind. And no matter how knowledgeable those players to the above terminologies and meaning, it is not still a guaranty that the player who knows all these can definitely win the game and bring home the jackpot prize always because if this is so, we would not be presenting this article to anyone.

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