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History of Slots & Online Slots

History of slotsIt’s all started with a certain counts of drums around five partial instruments devised in New York by Pitt and Sittman on 1891. These instruments actually represent five poker hands. During this time, no pure rules and agreement are composed. No policies, no procedures, no particular prize is also defined. Some parts of New York that organizes this kind of games just created their own set of prizes such as free drinks, a case of cigarette and the likes. Online Slots gaming during this period of time has no place yet in the world of gaming.

Then time comes and passes by, the name Charles Fey was brought to change the history of slot gaming. Fey invented the “Liberty Bell” and made its own way to the dictionary of gambling. This was formed critically his own basement. But the star doesn’t shine instantly to liberty bell as the inventor found it so hard to create awareness to the public about what he invented. Until he was acknowledge in the Las Vegas strip in Flamingo Hilton hotel because of his invention that contributes to the history of slot game.

Liberty bell which was considered the very first slot machine as compared to the existing slot machines nowadays are very much different. The classic was made up of cast iron around 100 pounds and fruit cryptogram which is commonly associated with slots is not yet the design. Drawings are all about symbols like stars, horseshoes and playing cards designs such as diamonds and spades. Lucky players who hit the winning combination on liberty bell would be able to get fifty cent payout as a reward. And this amount is already considerable to attract players before because of its value during that period. It is believed that the very first Liberty Bell that was invented by Fey still survives until now in this very moment in the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno. Fey’s new generation relatives are now managing this slot machine. These people also preserved the slot machines’ history and advocate its birthright. These people who happen to be Fey’s grandchildren own these establishments that support the preservation of this invention.

Once an inventor always an inventor because Fey continue to get involved in the development of the history that he has invented. He was never satisfied with his first obra; Fey devised a new slot machine called “Operator Bell Slot” that helped popularized fruit design on slot machines. This fruit designed slot machines now still exist on some of the casinos that operates this kind of games.

As the popularity of the slot machines continues to explode up, history became legend and legend became history. The myths and sayings regarding the games spread speedily. Competitions became so stiff; criticisms are bouncing back and forth, violent reactions became bubbly and queries arise so fast about every new designed model of slot machines. This made Fey to decide to be inventive and innovative in coming up with a machines that work like a vending machine.

Slot machine game antagonists have done a lot of things to prove that this kind of game is illegal to some more extent. Anti-gambling association acquires excessive recognition on the self-possession and control of any games that involves slot machines. Unfortunately, that anti-heroine seemed to be successful in proving these games as illegal gambling in 1909 at San Francisco. Also in Nevada year right after San Francisco declared slot machine gaming as illegal. This fact brought more trouble for Fey, as he did not know how to react on the accusations during that period of time. California then followed on 1911, anti gambling regulations forbid this kind of game. So therefore, on the thirties, slot machines games became more popular as politically inclined anti-gambling. Politicians took advantage of the situations, to be able to come up with good records for their position, politicians like New York mayor had to make an action to help them uphold their reputations as public servants. They confiscated all slot machines by organizing a photo project on barge disposing all the machines of New York. Regardless whether the machines are legitimate or real slot machines, all are confiscated and thrown. During this period of time, history of slot machines became black wasted day.

Then, someone by the name Bugsy Siegel created awareness on his name. He is considered part of the slot machines history despite of the truth that Siegel is in fact a dishonorable organized crime figure. For the reason that he built Flamingo Hilton which is also known as the Las Vegas Strip. This place is full of slot machines placed in one corner for the rich wives and girlfriends to occupy while waiting for their gambling partners. Even though the operators of this building did not actually took this fact as a main attraction of the casino, those who stood by and tried this endeavor became regular players of this game because they found the game very entertaining as amusing as they did not noticed the time that passed by.

On the sixties, slot machines became electric with the help of the then infamous name Bob Dylan. Preceding the popularity of the slots of Las Vegas which already risen by the effort of another then infamous Bally. Another segment of the history of slot machines added when Bally outwitted the vulnerability of the mechanical slots by replacing them by electric ones. Additional features that support the safeties were introduced so as to compare the difference between electronic and manual slot machines. Although not made by perfection, electronic slot machines are much more difficult to be cheated or tricked. This added attraction to its original design helped them be more popular and well used in the casino world of gaming. During this period of time, making motorized coin hoppers and electric bells very much routinely. And as time, days, years passes by, a lot of newly designed slot machines were invented and developed that can still be used nowadays.

To introduce the new generated cylinders on around the seventies, microchips and random number generators were mobilized. Extra effort to pull the arm is no longer exerted as the new generation machines no longer require this stuff. While the microchip is developing, parallel to the development of the slot gaming. Mechanical slots were transformed into a microchip powered slot. For this reason, the casino profit became lesser and continues to decrease because the slot machines are getting cheaper and lesser value. But also because of this, slot machine gaming history relives and more likely re-birth. These developments allowed the alteration of these conventions to online slots as well.

This is the main reason why players do not need to use and waste extensive hours looking for the good casino with higher probability of winning. With the help of their own personal computers, players can now enjoy the game without going out of their own home.

Reputation of the slot machine being well known continue to increase wide-ranging all over the universe after being very popular in the United States. And casino administrators are now convinced that the main source of their casino income came from the slot machine because of the 70% to 80% of the revenue came from this slot machines gaming. Mechanical slot machines fades and its popularity deteriorates as the new advance slot machine arises. They are mostly now electronic and one advantage for being automatic is the options to choose from the variety of games. But although becoming high-tech, the rules remain the same.

One common denominator between online slot gaming and Las Vegas’ “One Arm Bandit” is the software used. They have the same software materials used. Because of the simplicity of the rules and the attractive prizes, slot machine gaming whether online or land-based became very popular and marked its evolution on its generation. Experts and regular players can prove that one very good way of entertaining themselves is playing this game. Therefore, this kind of game is not only for gambling purposes.

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