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Online Casinos with a Live Dealer!


As part of the innovativeness and development in the history of online gambling is the inclusion of a live dealer in an online casino. One concrete objective of this progress is to elevate players’ gaming experience as well as the advancement of the standard of the games per se. There is also an unannounced goal why this live dealer online casino has been brought up to the world of online gambling, this is to evade the undying issue regarding the integrity and reliability of the result of every game. Whether we accept it or not, there is always a doubt within the players about how was the result has been acquired and why is it and why is that…etc…etc. Live Dealer in an online casino would be the best and the most appropriate answer to this shortcomings and negative notions about an online casino. Although before that is the introduction of the RNG or random number generator, and has been explained many times via a lot of articles that there is no peculiar and a dishonest result that can actually be questioned because of the randomness of the output. RNG seems not enough to diminish all these thinking of the players about the unbalanced result of the games because despite of the efficiency of the tool RNG, the peculiarity still lays within the players mind.

Effective Live Female Dealers!

Most operators of any online casinos believed that majority of their enthusiasts and loyal players are men who can be easily attracted by beautiful women, most of the players are male executives and hunky playboys on their own rights, many online casino operators came up with a belief that live dealers can be more enticing and persuasive if they are none other than…females…girls…women! Simple but pretty, conservative and yet seductive and most especially sexy beautiful girls.


And so experts and enthusiasts thought of something that would make the players feel that they are playing live and spontaneous despite of staying in the comfort of their own homes, eating and drinking what they wanted while playing, and take some advices from either another websites or even to their chambermaid what could be the best tactics in playing a game. The benefit of having this kind of game, live dealer online casino is that the player could not only play with the dealer but also to other online players and chat with them while playing.

Imagine the convenience for the players who really wanted to play but no chance of going out but doubt the result of an online casino, this is the answer. No need to go out just to play, and would never doubt the result of an online casino because of the live dealer as if the player is playing in a land-based casino. How could anyone think of playing real cards, real wheel or real table in an online casino? Simple….just search for an online casino with live dealer to play with.

What are the games that can be played with online live dealer?

Knowing the fact that a lot of online casinos still do not use a live dealer as a game moderator, it should also be known that not all games can also be played with live dealers. Some of the famous games that usually involve live dealer are as famous as in general in a casino whether online or live. These are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, and some online casinos that play sic bo also use live dealer as the facilitator of the latter game. This game sic bo does not always use live dealer because the game itself is quite complicated and would just make it more confusing when a live dealer would be used. In case a player had already tried live dealer games, those players already knew that blackjack, baccarat, and roulette could deal a much higher table limits than playing those games without a live dealer.

Adjusting the game with live dealers!

Online casinos that concern live dealers sometimes deal a game for the players’ sake. Adjustments are to be made when necessary especially if it is for the benefits of both the players and the online casino. If the minimum number of players is not met by the players who are online, the operator needs to lower the least number of players to cater the entire table for the game to begin soonest without spending extra time to wait for another player to fill in the table. However, the online casino operators would necessary to increase the minimum bet for every players to lessen the interested player to play big, this is very important to be done because there are excess players to diminish in filling up the table. Those players who are not able to meet the minimum amount of bet could wait till the table can be filled up with the right number of players and so the minimum amount of stake would be back to its original amount.

Who are live dealers?

Live Dealers are those virtual staff who moderate and facilitate the games in an online casino. Live dealers are considered to be the liaisons between the players and the operators of the online casinos. They deal real cards to a real table in an online baccarat or in an online blackjack games and spin a real wheel in an online roulette games. Even though not as continuous as the chatting process in a chat room, live dealers can build rapport with the players by interacting the rules, the strategies and the result of the games to all online gamers. Those live dealers should be professionals and well trained to their chosen field of expertise to gain the trust and loyalty of the players. They should also be taught how to deal player issues and shortcomings to retain and maintain good relationship between the players and the operators of the online casinos. Live dealers of online casinos are big factor whether online casinos succeed or failed because they are the bridge between the two parties. Aside from the live dealers themselves, they are supervised by another higher ranked staff, sometimes called pit bosses. These staff can be approached by the players for any inquiries and questions regarding the rules, strategies or even doubts regarding the games. Live dealers and pit bosses can also be sometimes regarded as customer service support for some online casinos that do not limit the topics that the players can discuss with those live dealers.

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